Aamurusko - Wake up to a new Dawn

Aamurusko - Wake up to a new Dawn

Do you see glimmers of the pink sky reflected in the blue water? Or are they blue clouds that look like waves? However you see it, the Aamurusko (Dawn) pattern is inspired by one of nature’s most picturesque scenes – the beginning of a brand new day.

Let your dreams take you to the water and wake up to the lapping of the waves.

Aamurusko by Lasse Kovanen takes you to the water, where the waves, shapes and reflections change with the light and time of day. It captures the soft lapping of the waves in pink and blue, colours plucked straight out of Northern nature. A new, beautiful day is dawning!

It's lovely to wake up to a new day from the comfort of Aamurusko duvet. 


Aamurusko goes nicely together with the delicate pink Lohkare novelties, natural materials like wood, various decorative baskets as well as interior textiles in similar shades. With Aamurusko you can easily create an inviting, tranquil atmosphere to all spaces of your home. 

Organize a pampering spa moment in your own bathroom or grab the Aamurusko bath towel with you and head out to the beach to enjoy a sunny summer day! What would be a better fit for lovely moments by the seaside than the playful, soft wave pattern of Aamurusko. 

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