Artisokka - The boldest bloom

Artisokka - The boldest bloom


Design: Lasse Kovanen
The artichoke buds we harvest to eat are small and green. If allowed to grow, artichoke hearts bloom into big and bold violet-coloured flowers. Just like the ones in our Artisokka (Artichoke) pattern by Lasse Kovanen. Capturing the strength and intensity of nature, Artisokka creates a striking yet calming vibe in any room. You’ll find the pattern in two very distinct colours – purple and yellow, both of which are found all throughout Nordic nature.

The lilac Artisokka creates a striking yet calming vibe in any room.

The rich and intense shades of Artisokka collection bring the beauty of Nordic nature home. The deep lilac color of the collection electrifies the atmosphere of autumn and brings wonderful colour to all spaces. The happy yellow Artisokka is full of ripe, warm and colorful atmosphere of autumn. The large-patterned design is just as gorgeous in large surfaces, such as curtains, or as a single interior brightener, for example in a cushion cover. It gives a richly spectacular look to table settings.

Yellow Artisokka glows in gorgeous warm colours perfect for fall season.

Designer Lasse Kovanen wanted the pattern to have a relaxed and modern look, and chose to paint it with a large painting brush and acrylic colours using simplistic, clean strokes. The flowers get their lively and natural look from sprinkled paint.  

Artisokka is perfect for modern homes and pairs perfectly with the organic shapes and rugged beauty of Kivi and Kajo ceramics collections.

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