Beauty of nature at home

Beauty of nature at home

It's common to update home decoration according to seasons. When light colors and freshness are the obvious choice for summer, the home interior can be prepared for the gentle atmosphere of autumn in late summer. The source of inspiration in our textile patterns is most often nature in its various forms. Textiles make it easy to update the interior for each season and bring the beauty of nature home.

Autumn blooms delight in the new Japaninhortensia (Japanese hydrangea) collection.

Novelties inspired by nature

This autumn, we get in touch with nature and go deep to the root. We’re eternally inspired by the beauty and bounty of nature. Season after season, it gives us food for our bodies and a feast for our eyes. Our new arrivals feature flowers in full bloom, fruits that look real enough to eat, and fields of Nordic calm – bringing the harvest of the season home.

Vilja (Grain) takes your thoughts to the golden-brown grain fields swaying gently in the wind and delights with its graphic yet soft-lined style. Japaninhortensia (Japanese hydrangea) brings amazing autumn flowers to the interior. Luumu (Plum) deliciously depicts bounty of nature and Fantasia (Fantasy) exudes the atmosphere of a late summer garden.

Soft comfort with decorative cushions

All of our autumn novelty series include cushion covers which can easily update the look of your home and create a cozy atmosphere. A perfect home interior needs the softness of textiles. What better way to bring beautiful patterns to your home than adorable cushion covers! Feel free to combine different cushion covers to create your own atmosphere.

Autumn is the time to get comfy and curl up with a blanket and a big pile of cushions!

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High-quality inner cushions accentuate the beauty of the patterns

In order for the decorative cushions and their beautiful patterns to look the best, it is also worth paying attention to the choice of interior cushions. It's a good idea to select a bit bigger inner cushion to make the cushion look plush and full. Our high-quality inner cushions are designed to fit Pentik cushion covers. The 48x48 cm inner cushion fits perfectly for 45x45 cm cushion covers and the 45x45 cm inner cushion for 43x43 cm cushion covers. You can find the inner cushions here.

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