Bed linen guide

Bed linen guide

Duvet covers are often the most important element in setting the mood and updating the look of the bedroom. In addition to beautiful patterns, the materials of our bedlinen are also carefully considered. Our selection includes high-quality cotton and linen duvet covers and pillowcases that are comfortable and durable to use. We have put together some information about the materials to make the choice of bedding easier.

Cotton bedclothes

Cotton is a popular and always sure choice for bedding. It is breathable and very durable. Pentik's bedding uses three different types of cotton; cotton satin, cotton percale and so-called fine cotton.

Cotton satin
Cotton satin is slightly shiny and pleasantly smooth. It feels soft and luxurious on the skin. The name satin comes from the satin weaving technique, that gives the fabric its subtle sheen and soft finish. Smooth and dense, cotton satin is dust-free, making it an excellent choice for those with allergies. Ironing or wringing after washing will help preserve the silky sheen of cotton satin. 

Pentik's Harmonia and Hortensia bedclothes and part of the Pioni bedclothes are made of cotton satin.

Cotton percale
Cotton percale is a densely woven, smooth and delicate fabric made of long-fiber cotton. It's a type of weave that uses a traditional crisscross pattern. The material, which is also familiar from hotel sheets, descends on the skin lightly, leaving air between the duvet cover and skin, which creates a cooling feeling. Luxurious bedding made of cotton percale is very durable and comfortable in use. Wrinkles after washing can be smoothed by ironing or wringing. 

Pentik's Saaga, Pastelli and Jäkälä bedclothes and part of the Pioni bedclothes are made of cotton percale. The material is used also on all children's bedclothes.

Fine cotton
The so-called fine cotton is a slightly thicker, more sturdy and soft cotton. It is a pleasant, breathable material that naturally absorbs moisture, keeping you nicely cool and sweat-free during the night. Carefree cotton is very durable and stays good from wash to wash. It also softens even more during use and washing. Our bedding with the 100% cotton label is made of fine cotton. 

Vilja and Aamurusko bedclothes and Metsänväki duvet cover in regular size (150x210 cm) are made of fine cotton (100% cotton).

Linen bedclothes

Linen is a luxurious and durable natural material that breathes well, effectively absorbs moisture and repels dirt. It has natural temperature-regulating properties, so linen duvet covers keep you comfortably cool even on warm summer nights and warm in cooler weather. Linen also has hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities. Linen has a matte finish and its typical roughness softens during use and washing. Wrinkling is characteristic of linen, but it easily smoothens by ironing or wringing after washing. Linen bedding looks just as beautiful and carefree even when left slightly wrinkled.

Pentik's Ilta bedclothes are made of 100% linen.

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