Bring natural beauty  home for the holidays

Bring natural beauty home for the holidays

Starting to prepare for Christmas well in advance will bring much-needed warmth and light into the fall season! This holiday season, we invite nature to come inside and celebrate with us. And we go outside to celebrate the beauty that is all around us. As always, Pentik’s Christmas is inspired by our home in Posio, in the heart of Lapland. The fresh white snow, spruce-tree greens, bright red berries and winter flowers are nature’s decorations. This season we bring the beauty of our Nordic home to yours.

What is Pentik's Christmas made of?

Nature is an endless inspiration for us from season to season. You’ll find natural beauty in our seasonal patterns featuring luxurious florals, bright red berries and shimmery snowy scenes. Create the holiday mood with carefree Lyhde (Sheaf), playful Puolukka (Lingonberry), calming Neilikka (Carnation), shimmery silver Jäkälä (Lichen) or festive Joulutulppaani (Christmas Tulip). Each is designed with a different holiday moment in mind – from early Christmas preparations to festive Christmas dinners. These naturally beautiful patterns invite your to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the moment. They are perfect to celebrate old traditions and to create new ones.

Lyhde brings a new twist for Christmas

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the year’s first frost, filled with anticipation of the happy holiday season ahead. Our Lyhde (Sheaf) pattern by Lasse Kovanen has the joyful feel of a winter walk on a cold bright day. Lyhde puts a new twist on the traditional colors of Christmas with light-yellow oats, green-grey spruce needles and rosy-cheeked apples. Lyhde’s carefree, relaxed feel makes it the perfect pattern for the holidays season or any other season!

If you are looking for a fresh new way to bring the holidays home this season, you’ve found it.

Merry, Merry Lingonberry

Christmas is filled with excitement, things to do, and time spent together. Delightful scent of fresh gingerbread and mulled wine, tree-trimming and gift-wrapping. What could be more perfect for these leisurely and joyful moments than the cheerful and delicious Puolukka (Lingonberry), designed by Minna Niskakangas. This little holiday berry blooms in May with small white flowers and ripens into red berries in late autumn – right around the time that we start our own holiday preparations. You’ll find the Puolukka pattern on kitchen and interior designs for every holiday moment. Pair the collection’s sweet pinks with traditional reds to create a Lingonberry Merry Christmas in your home!

”I wanted to focus on this iconic little red berry that is a big part of Christmas.”

- Minna Niskakangas

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Snowy white Neilikka (Carnation)

Here in the North, snow is a natural source of light. When the snow falls, the dark winter seems to magically become lighter and brighter. Lasse Kovanen’s Carnation (Neilikka) pattern brings light into your holiday home with snow-white carnations, lovely linen tones and a touch of sparkle. The sketch for the pattern was painted in watercolor, which gives the flower petals their soft and delicate look. Trendy copper accents add just the right amount of shine, catching the light just like the snow does in nature. Neilikka works beautifully as a festive tablecloth, inviting friends and family to gather around the holiday table. And neutral by nature, Carnation is also designed to bring beauty home in every season.

“The carnation is a magnificent and classic flower that brings the beauty of Christmas into your home.”

- Lasse Kovanen

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Dreaming of a white and light Christmas with Jäkälä (Lichen)

It wouldn’t be Christmas without reindeer, and our home in Posio is full of these furry, antlered creatures. Their favorite treat is lichen, or jäkälä in Finnish. This season, our Jäkälä hopea (Lichen Silver) collection brings the magic of the North straight to your home. When winter comes to Lapland, everything is covered in a blanket of fresh white snow. That is the inspiration for our silver Jäkälä pattern, where the silver lines of the lichen shimmer through the snow. It's the perfect pattern for anyone dreaming of a white and bright Christmas.

“I was inspired by an elegant silver and white Christmas table decorated with sculptural natural elements like branches, lichen and pinecones.”

- Minna Niskakangas

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Festive blooming of Joulutulppaani (Christmas Tulip)

The holiday season comes to a head with our festive and luxurious Joulutulppaani (Christmas Tulip) pattern, designed by Lasse Kovanen. Deep reds blend with soft greens and warm whites in this gorgeous pattern.The precious parrot tulips look almost real.That’s because the sketch was drawn with pastel chalk on plywood and then digitally printed onto the fabric, giving the pattern its soft, luxurious, and three-dimensional feel. Invite the Joulutulppaani in to bring the beauty of nature to your holiday home.

”Red tulips bloom in a range of delicious and succulent shades of red that blend with fresh whites and holiday greens.”

- Lasse Kovanen

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From our home in the winter wonderland of Posio to yours, happy preparations for the holiday season!

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