Charming summer cottage

Charming summer cottage

Summer cottage is a favorite place for many during summer. It's wonderful to quiet down in the nature and decorate your own summer paradise to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Visiting summer cottages of friends or family is also a highlight of the summer and it's more than appropriate to bring a little something to the host to show your appreciation.

Let the textiles bloom

Every summer cottage has its own atmosphere, but usually the decorating style is more relaxed and laid back than at home. It's all about coziness, comfort and color! Lovely floral or colorful pillowcases, tablecloths, fabrics and kitchen textiles will easily create a perfect summer atmosphere for the cottage. Acrylic coated fabric is a convenient choice for the cottage and outdoor use, as it repels moisture. Its edges do not need sewing, so you can easily buy the fabric as much as needed and cut into suitable pieces, for example, into tablecloths. The summer flowers of Orvokki and rich berry pattern of Metsämarja are perfect for a sprawling summer cottage atmosphere.

Lovely tableware for summer dining

The kitchen cabinets remain tidy when filled with practical and compatible tableware and nothing unnecessary. Choose multi-purpose bowls and plates for the summer cottage, which work for breakfast, sweet treats as well as grilled food. Enjoy a leisurely morning coffee from colorfully patterned mugs and summer delicacies from beautiful ceramic plates. Our high-quality ceramics are very durable and ideal for cottage where the tableware is used both outdoors and indoors. It's best to select thick glassware for cottage use, like the charming Linda series.

View Metsämarja and Orvokki series, Pioni candle and Linda glassware.

Summer delicacies served in style

A pie baked from hand-picked berries is one of the most delicious summer treats. Bake the pie in a beautifully patterned pie dish and enjoy it from Metsämarja plate, full of wild northern berries! Carry all summer treats easily in a handy tray, available in many lovely patterns. There's always use for multi-purpose serving dishes at the summer place. You can serve salads, potatoes or ice cream in large bowls or prepare oven-baked meals in them. All our ceramics can be used in freezer, electric oven, baking oven and in microwave, and they are machine-washable.

View Orvokki or Metsämarja pie dish, Anis bowl, Pippuri cutting board and Arkki bowl

Show appreciation with a quality cottage gift

When visiting friends and loved ones at their summer cottages, bringing a thoughtful small gift is highly appreciated. Practical gifts are usually the best - a serving bowl and salad servers, pie dish, tray or other serving utensils are sure to be needed at the cottage. Beautifully patterned and colorful textiles such as cushion covers, tablecloths or kitchen towels also make for a delightful gift. Luxurious bath towels and soaps and moisturizers made from organic ingredients are great gifts to be used at the cottage sauna. Beautiful lanterns and candles create the perfect atmosphere to summer evenings. A quality gift is always welcomed!

View Saarni towel, soaps and moisturizes, Tuohi candle and lanterns

Ideas and inspiration 

Get inspired by the wonderful outdoor spaces and create your own summer oasis. View ideas here

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