Clean lines of Arkki

Clean lines of Arkki

Arkki is a new Nordic classic, which brings something fresh to the table! With its graphical lines and geometrical shapes, Arkki has a striking, distinctive look with a playful edge. Scandinavian homes are known for their clean lines, natural shapes and high-quality functional designs, and our Arkki collection is definitely all of those things. But Nordic homes aren’t only functional, they’re fun too! Just like our new Arkki textile pattern.

Arkki series by Lasse Kovanen includes ceramic vases, serving bowls and a glass pendant light. Textiles are the newest addition this spring, bringing a trendy, fun vibe to the collection. Arkki textiles have a playful, graphic look with yummy, on-trend colours. The fresh stripe pattern in light orange and a wavy light blue edge is inspired by candy wrappers and the feel of your favourite ice cream shop. Arkki is the life of any party and at home in any space.

And of course Arkki textiles go beautifully with our Arkki ceramics pieces – modern designs that are fun and functional. Made in the northernmost ceramics factory in the world, Arkki ceramics are made to go from the oven to the table to the dishwasher. With their timeless and stylish design language, Arkki products are a perfect fit to many homes. 

Arkki fabric and cushion covers easily transform the look of home decor, creating a fresh, fun and stylish atmosphere.
Arkki vases come in different sizes for larger bouquets or for smaller, single flowers. The vases have a repeated geometrical shape which comes to life in light. The vases are true center pieces in home decor filled with flowers, green leaves or natural branches. The two Arkki serving bowls can be used in a variety of ways for oven dishes, salads, desserts or other dishes as well as for serving bread or fruit. They can also be used to store any small items in a stylish way, for example candles.  
Loosely gathered, lush spring bouquet looks gorgeous in the biggest Arkki vase. The smaller ones are perfect for a single cute blossom, and they easily brighten any space, like the work desk or bathroom! 


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