Decorate a functional home office

Decorate a functional home office

In recent years, working from home has become more common. Working from home is efficient and smooth when the surroundings are in order! Separate work and leisure time by creating a comfortable workspace at home and concentrating your work there. If you don't have room for a separate office at home, you can also build a home office in a small space, for example in a corner of the living room or bedroom. With clever and easy solutions you can make the most of your home office - no matter which size it is!


Keep it organized

It's easy to keep your desk tidy with handy storage solutions. When things are in order, it's easier to focus on work. Pens and other small items can be stored in a mug, a small jar or on small bowls and plates. Interior baskets in different sizes are also convenient storage solutions - for example, papers and notebooks are stored neatly in low, flat baskets. Convenient storage solutions also make it easy to clean up work-related items at the end of the day, keeping work out of sight and out of mind! Shelves are also a great storage solution especially if you have a separate room for your home office. 

Pay attention to the lighting

Choosing the right kind of lighting is important especially for a work desk. There are plenty of stylish options in our lighting assortment. The best light for your desk is gentle but bright enough. The most versatile choice is a table lamp that can be adjusted. If the space is already bright, a lamp stand with a shade can also be a sufficient light source. Additional light and a pleasant atmosphere can be obtained with a floor lamp placed next to the table.

Give room for creativity

When the working space is comfortable and inspiring, there is also room for creativity! Green plants are known to have an energizing, stress-reducing and air-purifying effect - so they are a great addition to your workspace. A green plant in the corner of a desk or a sprawling vine on a shelf brings an instant energized vibe to your home office. Personal details such as cute home decor items, scented candles or candle lanterns create a serene and inspiring atmosphere. Natural light provides much-needed energy, so if possible, place your workstation near a window. There's also no need to compromise on comfort when working - add a soft blanket or an interior cushion on the chair for some warmth and coziness.

Separate your working space

If the workspace is part of the living areas of your home, it's a good idea to separate the work desk into its own area. A curtain sewn from a fabric of your style is an easy way to hide the work station when the work is done or to separate the space during working hours. A clever DIY-solution is a room divider made of wood or metal frame and a fabric of your choice.