Dress up your home for the holidays

Dress up your home for the holidays

Invite Christmas home! There's a unique and wonderful atmosphere to the Christmas season, of which is lovely to enjoy as long as possible! With our tips you can decorate your home to prepare for the happy holiday season.

1. It's getting Christmassy with seasonal textiles

What kind of Christmas are you wishing for? Whether you want to create a calm and peaceful ambiance or a cheerfully bright Christmas feel, our seasonal collections help you set the right mood. Textiles are the quickest way to transform the look and feel or your home. Add either neutral, natural seasonal shades or more traditional red colours to welcome Christmas season. New cushion covers on the coach and a table runner on the table will do the trick! 

2. Dress up home interior with fabrics

Fabrics are great for sewing various interior textiles that are the perfect fit for your own home. For example new curtains instantly refresh the look and feel of home interior and when sewing them yourself, you get to choose just the right pattern, colour and style to suit your room. Curtains add softness and coziness and have a huge effect on the whole home interior. That's why it's common to change curtains for the holiday season - filling the home with lovely Christmas season's atmosphere! Christmas doesn’t always have to be traditionally red - our seasonal patterns have plenty of options for different styles and shades. The most neutral colours and patterns work great even in year-round use.

3. Christmas magic with decorations

Traditionally Christmas decorations and ornaments play a big part in creating the festive holiday atmosphere. This Christmas, in addition to more traditional Christmas decorations, our selection also includes a lot of naturally beautiful and delicate decorations that suit even a more minimalist style. Use imagination with Christmas decorations - they can be used in many ways other than on the Christmas tree! Baubles and other decorations are lovely details for example hanging above the dining table, on wall or door, hanging from branches in a vase or piled up on a plate or in a vase. A stunning wreath welcomes visitors at the front door, but also acts as a beautiful eye-catcher indoors hung on the wall or a door.

4. Cozy kitchen with holiday atmosphere

During holiday season, kitchen is usually the place where a lot of time is spent baking gingerbread and other Christmas pastries, preparing Christmas dishes, cooking rice porridge and warming up mulled wine. The scents of Christmas already set the mood for holiday season, but it is also wonderful to update the look of kitchen with small seasonal elements. Different kinds of jars are great for storing nuts, chocolates or spices. Trays, oven mitts and potholders in seasonal patterns will delight in cooking and serving. A pretty kitchen towel, apron and tablecloths or table runners complete the Christmassy look in kitchen.

5. Glow of light in the window

Let the warm, cozy holiday atmosphere glow outwards too! Add beautiful candles and candle holders on the windowsill to create a soft, glowing ambiance that looks inviting on the outside too. In connection with our northernmost ceramics factory in the world, we also have a candle workshop, where stunning, high-quality candles are made by hand. Fill your home with a warm and cozy glow and enjoy the anticipation of Christmas to the fullest. 

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