Set the celebrations into the garden

Set the celebrations into the garden

Festive moments and celebrations in summer are most enjoyable in atmospheric outdoor spaces. Make the most out of your garden, patio, balcony or backyard, gather your loved ones together and set the scene for memorable outdoor entertaining!

Set the celebrations into the garden

Set out a beautiful table, add blankets and cushions for comfort and choose your favourite tableware for a festive table setting. Take a seat at the table with your loved ones and celebrate the graduated, birthday hero or simply the beginning of summer!

With our classic Jäkälä (Lichen) textiles, you can create a stylish, naturally beautiful table setting for an outdoor party. The simplistic and elegant Valkea ceramics are perfect for any celebration and can be combined with other tableware and colourful textiles. For a more relaxed vibe, choose the lively Kallio or Kajo series. A big bunch of flowers in the sculptural Arkki vase is the perfect centerpiece in the summery party table. Trays are a must in summer festivities, for carrying everything out and serving drinks and treats.

In outdoor parties furniture can be mixed and matched! Just note that many wooden furniture like the Bruno bench is meant to be used only in dry spaces. 

A toast to summer

Create an enchanting small-scale party in your own backyard or terrace with our colourful Kesän valoa (Summer Light) collection. What could be a better fit to a summery celebration than this colourful, flashy and gorgeous pattern, shining bright like the summer sun! Decorations can be left to a minimum with this stunning pattern, some lightweight paper lanterns and fresh flowers will do. Pour a glass of bubbly, enjoy the beauty around you and toast to good times.

Herttua cocktail glasses are perfect for a summer toast!