Green oasis of Bird Cherry

Green oasis of Bird Cherry

Summer is short in our home in the North, so it’s best enjoyed to the fullest, even before it really starts! Our spring novelty, Tuomenkukka (Bird Cherry), is a true celebration of spring and summer. And it’s the perfect addition to all of your celebrations too. You’ll find Tuomenkukka products for all spaces of your home and for table setting.

Originally painted with watercolours, the light blue sky blends softly with the light greens and whites of the blossoms – just like in nature.

Beautiful by nature

Bird cherry trees grow strong in the cool North – usually close to a flowing stream. During spring and summer bird cherry trees charm with their white, sweet, almond-scented blossoms. With Tuomenkukka pattern by Lasse Kovanen you can now easily bring this rich, floral summery vibe to your home too!

For a festive look, pair Tuomenkukka with bright white ceramics like Kallio or Valkea and beautiful vases.

Create your own green oasis

The magnificently blooming Tuomenkukka is a natural choice for spring and summer festivities. But even in winter, it brings lovely freshness and floral splendor to your home and table settings. While the pattern is festive, it is just as well suited to everyday life. Tuomenkukka goes perfectly together with our beloved Jäkälä pattern in new green colour, creating a richly green, fresh combination. Other interior textiles in similar, delicate shades also complement Tuomenkukka nicely.

Tuomenkukka and green Jäkälä