In the shade of maple

In the shade of maple

The spring flowering time of the trees lasts only for a fleeting moment but is even more beautiful. During this beautiful season it's time to unwind and enjoy the moment! The flowering Vaahtera (maple), painted in watercolors, is full of spring freshness and complements perfectly the awakening of nature.

For leisurely moments

Beautiful textiles are an easy way to create a lovely spring feeling. Vaahtera textiles fit perfectly to leisurely weekend mornings as well as everyday coffee moments and look great in the middle of the greenery. They wonderfully complement the sunny and green atmosphere of the home garden, inviting to enjoy the slowness. In spring and early summer it's more than fine to go a bit crazy with the amount of plants and flowers!

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A dream of summer

A peaceful oasis in the balcony or terrace creates a serene atmosphere and invites you to enjoy the warm days of spring. A tablecloth and other textiles in your favorite pattern create just the perfect setting. A beautiful bouquet of flowers in the sculptural Arkki vase serves as an eye-catcher in the summery table setting. Grab your favorite book, sit back and let your thoughts shift towards summer!

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Ideas and inspiration 

Get inspired by the wonderful outdoor spaces and create your own summer oasis. View ideas here