Kirsikkapuisto - Like a walk in the Cherry Park

Kirsikkapuisto - Like a walk in the Cherry Park

Have you ever seen a beautiful painting and wished you could step inside? Well now you can! Your home is your canvas and this season we’re bringing you a fresh palette of patterns, colours, materials and vibes in our Spring / Summer 2022 collections!

The first new arrival in our spring collection is like a work of art! Close your eyes and picture yourself in the middle of a beautiful Hanami garden with lush pink cherry blossoms as far as the eye can see. The air is filled with the sweet scent of spring. Soon the breeze will come and carry the pink petals away. Was it all a dream or are they real?  

Kirsikkapuisto (Cherry Park) captures this moment in a pattern that looks and feels like a true work of art. And that’s because it is. The branches and blossoms of this impressionist-inspired pattern were painted with soft watercolour brushstrokes in a palette of sweet pastels.  

It’s one of the most magical – and fleeting – moments of the year. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, pink petals everywhere.  

The light pastel shades of Kirsikkapuisto fit perfectly together with fresh white tableware and natural materials. 

Cherry Park brings the beauty of one of nature’s most magical moments into your home. It pairs beautifully with our Valkea and Kallio tableware collections and interior textiles in delicate pastel shades. New Hanami and Sakura glass sculptures by Minna Niskakangas complement the natural beauty in a lovely way. Stylish paper lamps are also great with Kirsikkapuisto products. Let your creativity run free and make your home a work of art!

Decorate with art! Small details add a personal touch to home interior. Check out our new Hanami and Sakura glass sculptures, which complement nicely the fresh atmosphere of the Kirsikkapuisto pattern. The beautiful interior posters are available in Pentik stores in Finland. 

Step into your very own painting, where pink cherry blossoms are waiting to welcome you.  

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