Laventeli - A mysterious garden

Laventeli - A mysterious garden


Design: Minna Niskakangas
The late summer flowers seem to sense that autumn is coming, blooming in a palette of mysterious purples, burgundies and browns. Laventeli (Lavender) is a celebration of the colours and flowers found in Nordic gardens around the harvest – alliums, chrysanthemums, cosmos flowers and lavenders. Designer Minna Niskakangas wanted to express a similarly strong atmosphere in her pattern as found in the glorious autumn gardens. The soft, slightly mystical color palette of lavender exudes the atmosphere of a blurry autumn in shades of lilac and burgundy, which blend beautifully into the brown base. Cozy up with Laventeli and welcome the natural beauty of autumn into your home. 

Painted in watercolors, the large-sized pattern is especially striking on large surfaces such as tablecloths or curtains. Laventeli is available in a wide range of interior decoration textiles from fabrics to cushion covers and table textiles. The pattern combines beautifully with, for example, blankets in soft, natural tones, white ceramics, pretty soft pinks, various vases and stylish candleholders. Depending on what you combine it with, it can be a truly festive base for any celebration or a cozy, earthy choice for leisurely moments at home.

The deep tones of the glowing lavender make any space flourish!

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