Pihlajanmarja - Juicy by nature

Pihlajanmarja - Juicy by nature


Design: Lasse Kovanen

Our Pihlajanmarja (Rowanberry) collection is bursting with ripe and delicious berries. The bright and colourful pattern transforms any space into a cheerful celebration of the autumn harvest! The bright red and orange hues blend beautifully with the grey and brown tones and pure whites in the pattern. 

The perfect fall table setting is created by combining the cheerful Pihlajanmarja to white ceramics and natural materials and tones.

This watercolor-painted pattern is digitally printed, so it is repeated exactly as desired. The wonderfully rich berry pattern is a cozy and lively choice for any space to add a pop of colour. It's perfect for summer and early autumn festivities and it also delights in everyday life for example in kitchen textiles. 

The bright red shades in the Pihlajanmarja-collection create joyful atmosphere to any space.

The delicious berries of the Pihlajanmarja pattern look ripe for the picking and bring the colours of autumn to home interior

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