Purppuraomenapuu welcomes spring!

Purppuraomenapuu welcomes spring!

As natural light increases and days slowly start getting longer, it's lovely to shift your thoughts towards spring! Fresh patterns and colours feel like a natural choice for home interior, creating a beautiful, light atmosphere. Our spring novelty, Purppuraomenapuu (Purple Apple Tree) by Minna Niskakangas is a perfect fit for the season, welcoming spring with its bright fuchsia and sweet pink shades! The lovely floral pattern brings the sweetest apple tree of them all into your home. Another fresh addition to the season is our beloved Jäkälä (Lechen) in beautiful pink colour, which complements Purppuraomenapuu in a nice way and works also on its own. With these patterns we can guarantee a colourful, bright springtime!

Purppuraomenapuu matches perfectly with the delicate pink Kallio tableware.

The first flowers of summer are blossoming on the new Purppuraomenapuu pattern, perfect, pink and oh so sweet! Bright fuchsia blends with soft pinks and natural green, adding a light and bright vibe to the bedroom, living room and kitchen – from city homes to countryside hideaways. Even one single product from the collection is a lovely detail in home interior, whether it's an oven mitt in the kitchen or a runner on the table. 

The pattern was painted with watercolours on plywood, which is why you can still see the natural lines of the wood on the leaves and petals. Natural beauty at its very best!

Romantic, lush or more simplified? Create a look of your choice!

Even though the pattern is rich and floral, Purppuraomenapuu still fits to many styles and different occasions. When combined to other interior items, tableware and textiles, you can set the mood from romantic to more modern and simplified. Here's how!

  • On its own, Purppuraomenapuu creates a lush, more traditional and even romantic vibe, perfect for summer parties or for summer cottages! Add basketslanterns and comfy blankets for a warm, countryside vibe.  
  • Combining Purppuraomenapuu table textiles to stylish and timeless Valkea tableware you can create a more modern look which works on many occasions.
  • In light, neutral home interior you can add nice sprinkle of colour with a single product from the collection, like a cushion cover or two, still keeping the overall look tranquil and serene.
  • The Purppuraomenapuu products can just as well be combined to similar bright shades as in the pattern, to create a luscious colour palette of your own. 
  • Purppuraomenapuu also looks great when paired with our classic Jäkälä in new pink colour, both patterns complimenting each other and creating a delicious pink combination!

Most stunning table setting of the spring and summer is made with pink Jäkälä and the floral beauty of Purppuraomenapuu. Lovely kitchen textiles please the eye in the kitchen - store these in plain sight to brighten every day!

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