Time to enjoy!

Time to enjoy!

The perfect recipe for carefree summer days is to organize a cozy picnic in the heart of nature! Spending time outdoors, relaxing and enjoying small delicacies is one the favourite things to do on a warm summer day. Spread out a picnic blanket in a peaceful location, let the early summer sun warm up and admire the splendor of summer colours all around!

Enjoy a perfect summer picnic

The outdoors will become another living room during summer. Even if your home does not have its own balcony or yard, there's guaranteed to be green scenery around for a summer picnic. Pack some delicious picnic snacks in a basket and grab a blanket and a pillow with you. Your blanket is also your tablecloth, so the charming berry-patterned Metsämarja fabric is perfect for sewing your own picnic blanket! Relax with a good book or get together with a small group of friends to enjoy summery delicacies and soak up the sun. The little joys of life are the best! 

With the handy Mette basket it's easy to carry out mugs and snacks. 

A casual remote workday

In the summer, the mind longs for fresh outdoor air and sun. If work can be done regardless of the location, why not set up a casual remote working spot by the balcony table or in the yard on a picnic blanket. The wonderfully inspiring outdoor environment will surely boost the energy levels! And even if working indoors, you can still enjoy a relaxing lunch break outdoors. Set up some light lunch treats on top of a picnic blanket and get recharged for the rest of the day. Working doesn't always have to be so serious!

Sew your own picnic blanket from the lovely Metsämarja fabric! The upper part has been sewn from Metsämarja cotton fabric and bottom part with coated Metsämarja fabric, which repels moisture. 

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