Tips for Christmas table setting

Tips for Christmas table setting

On any festive occasion, beautiful table setting is just as important as the food being served! Especially during Christmas we want to pay even more attention to the table setting, as precious moments are spent by the table with loved ones. Pick up our tips for setting the table beautifully in every moment of the holiday season.

1. Select the mood

Select a textile pattern suitable for the season as a base for the table setting. Do you prefer calm and natural look, more flashy and festive, light shades or traditional reds? We've got seasonal patterns suitable for many styles. Some of our collections include tablecloths but a cotton fabric or acrylic coated fabric is also a great option for sewing a tablecloth, runner or other table textile of your choice. Coated fabric is really handy option for dining space, as it repels dirt and stains and is easy to wipe clean. Each of our season's collection is designed with a different holiday moment in mind, from early Christmas preparations to festive Christmas dinners. Create the desired mood with fresh Lyhde, shimmery silver Jäkälä, calm snowy white Neilikka, playful Puolukka or festive Joulutulppaani.

2. Freedom to combine

Feel free to combine shapes, shades and textures in table settings. Choose the tableware according to the occasion - more relaxed for pre-Christmas parties and more spectacular for festive Christmas dinners. Kallio and Valkea are classically beautiful tableware series and suitable for many types of table settings, for example to be used with the luxurious Joulutulppaani pattern. The combination of white and grey Kallio fits perfectly into the shades of silver Jäkälä. With the rustic Kajo, you can create a natural, warm atmosphere for example, combined with the peaceful, calm Neilikka. Set the table creatively and remember that not all dishes need to be from the same series. You can use different kinds of plates and bowls for appetizers, main courses and desserts and if you don't have enough plates from one series for a bigger party, use plates from various series to create a relaxed, personal table setting.

3. Details matter 

Use imagination when decorating the Christmas table! Natural materials, candles, flowers and Christmas ornaments make for great table decorations. Complement our nature-inspired Christmas patterns by bringing elements from nature to the table setting - beautiful branches, conifers, cones or lingonberry twigs. Hang Christmas baubles from a branch in a vase to create a simplistic but beautiful detail. Add a small decoration on top of the napkin or tie a ribbon around it. You can also place a Christmas decoration on the plate. Christmas baubles and other decorations placed around the table are a lovely addition to the table setting. Candlelight is a natural ambiance creator - choose tall candle holders with dinner candles for a more spectacular Christmas table and smaller, cute candle holders for a more subtle look.

4. Serve in style 

Choose eye-catching bowls, saucers and plates for serving Christmas treats! For example the ceramic Kuksa bowl and cups are great for serving gingerbread, chocolate or Christmas porridge, or for nuts, almonds and raisins served on the side of a mulled wine. Wooden serving dishes are also perfect to add a warm, cozy atmosphere to Christmas table setting. Dessert can be served from a beautiful glass instead of a bowl for more festive look. All of our ceramic dishes can be used in the oven, so they are perfect for serving oven porridge or other oven dish - directly from the oven to the table. 

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