Tips for picnic perfection

Tips for picnic perfection

Warm summer days and evenings invite you to enjoy a beautiful outdoor picnic! Grab a picnic blanket and some delicacies and set up a cozy picnic in the park, on the beach, cliff or other outdoor space. Picnic is a wonderful way to spend leisurely summer moments with friends and family in the open air and in the heart of nature, even if your own home doesn't have an outdoor space. We’ve put together a few tips for setting up a fun, simple and easy summer picnic.

It doesn't take much to arrange a lovely, carefree outdoor picnic. You can get started with a picnic blanket, easy-to-carry utensils and, of course, wonderful delicacies. A picnic can be set up even on a park table! Our blooming Purppuraomenapuu (Purple Apple Tree) pattern complements the beauty of the green surroundings. 

Metsämarja (Forest Berry) pattern is like made for all the delicious summer moments! The picnic blanket in the picture has been made of Metsämarja acrylic coated fabric, which repels dirt and moisture.

Tips for a perfect outdoor picnic

  • Picnic blanket is essential when organizing an outdoor picnic! So pack up a large enough blanket that can hold both the food and the entire picnic party. You can also go with a blanket for everyone to sit on, and a pretty tablecloth for the picnic treats! 
  • You get a more festive feel to the picnic when you forget about disposable dishes and choose beautiful, multi-purpose tableware to serve all the food. Since picnics are relaxed and carefree, you can mix and match suitable dishes in a personal way. Glasses and ceramic dishes can be wrapped in a kitchen towel to safely carry them along. Food and treats stay neat in a box with a lid, from where they are also easy to serve. Napkins are handy for serving small snacks even without a plate.
  • Baskets are light and convenient to carry for a picnic and they can be used for example for serving slices of bread or fruit. Line the basket with napkins or a kitchen towel to keep it tidy. A bottle basket carrying two wine bottles and a pigeonhole basket with a handle are practical for carrying wine bottles, small dishes, cutlery and other small items. 
  • Trays and wooden serving trays and utensils are light to carry and can be used to serve for example pies or cheeses. Wine glasses also remain firmly upright on top of a tray. 
  • Pillows add comfort and a cozy feel to a picnic and a warm blanket can be reserved for a cool evening.