Tundra - Nordic by nature

Tundra - Nordic by nature

This spring we introduce beautiful black and white novelties for those who love this more simplistic and striking colour combination. Our new Tundra collection and new black colour of Vilja will help bring a fresh, bright vibe to your home! 

Tundra captures the rugged beauty of Nordic nature

The word “tundra” comes from the Finnish word “tunturi”, meaning treeless hills familiar in our home in Lapland, where only grass, moss and lichen grow. This rugged but amazing scenery has been captured to the new Tundra collection in a stunning way. The collection is designed by Minna Niskakangas.


Tundra pattern was created by engraving the dots and lines into painted plywood, creating this artistic interpretation of the Northern landscape

Cozy and rustic or modern and simplified

With its clean lines, organic shapes and graphical feel, Tundra pattern adds the rugged beauty of Nordic nature into your home. The composed but striking pattern fits many homes and can be combined for example with dark and grey shades and pure whites. Rustic furniture, wood and other natural materials add a lovely warm and cozy feel when combined with the naturally beautiful Tundra textiles. For a more modern, simplistic home Tundra completes the clear, graphically beautiful atmosphere.  

Black and white, graphical lines by black Vilja

Another black and white novelty in our assortment this spring is Vilja in black. Launched last autumn, Vilja by Minna Niskakangas is already loved by many and this new colour is a welcomed addition to the collection. Inspired by the golden fields of grain, Vilja gets a completely new look with its black and white colour. This modern pattern in black is soft and graphic at the same time and perfect for Scandinavian homes.