Viikuna - A delicious colour palette

Viikuna - A delicious colour palette


Design: Minna Niskakangas

Combining a modern Scandinavian look and retro 1970s feel, the Viikuna (Fig) pattern by Minna Niskakangas features traditional autumnal delights – warm chestnuts, glowing red pomegranate blossoms and, of course, sweet figs.

Viikuna brings delightful shades to home interior and table setting. White ceramics and colourful vases and candleholders complete the look.

The warm, savory shades, trendy dark green and red pomegranate flower stars combine in this pattern into a delicious and striking colour palette, which works just as well in festive occasions and in every day life. The rich pattern looks especially stunning in large surface, like in curtains or as a table cloth.
Viikuna is the perfect pick for Autumn with its sweet and savory shades. It looks perfect combined with interior textiles and objects in warm, neutral and rich tones.

The new Viikuna collection offers a variety of decorating options for the kitchen, living room and bedroom. Viikuna pairs well with lots of colours like beige and browns, light and darker red and green. Already one Viikuna textile products adds a pop of colour and a stylish look to any space and the fabrics are great for many types of sewing projects.

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