Vilja - Simple pleasures

Vilja - Simple pleasures

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in one of the most relaxing and beautiful scenes in nature. Can you smell the fresh air? Can you hear the faint rustle? We can too!

The new Vilja (Grain) pattern designed by Minna Niskakangas is inspired by the Finnish countryside, with its golden fields of grain swaying in the early autumn breeze.

"Like the grain fields that inspired it, the pattern took quite a while to ripen in my mind. I wanted the shape to feel familiar but not be too obvious."

- Minna Niskakangas

The modern design language of the Vilja collection is perfect for Scandinavian homes and works beautifully in city homes, country cottages and everything in between. Vilja products wonderfully combine an authentic Finnish early autumn atmosphere with modern Scandinavian life. 

You’ll find the beautifully graphic Vilja pattern on designs for bedroom, living room and kitchen. The collection consists of two colors: earthy brown and fresh pink.


Select your favorites from the Vilja collection and combine them in home decoration and table setting with fresh whites or earthy colours, wooden utensils and beautiful baskets. Let the harvest of the season come home!

Vilja collection