Shop The Look: Fully functional children's room

Fully functional children's room

To create the perfect room for your little one, focus on the thing they love to do most: play! A functional and comfortable kids room has enough space to play and the children can have their say in the decoration! Textiles, toys and small details can easily update the look of the room. Use creativity and utilize a cute stool as a bedside table. Colour and liveliness can be added for example with cheerfully patterned Farmi duvet covers, which practically invite to jump in the bed after a playful day!

Aura Table Lamp

White 56 cm
99,00 €

Coco Stool

Brown 30x45 cm
120,00 €

Farmi Tractor Mug

Blue 0,2 l
24,50 €

Winston Blanket

White 130x170 cm
135,00 €
18,75 €

Miuku Cat Knitted Toy

Black 40 cm
28,50 €