Shop The Look: Wake up to fresh spring blooms

Wake up to fresh spring blooms

Nature is blooming everywhere you look, and it’s time to bring the natural beauty of spring into your bedroom. The Maple (Vaahtera) pattern is rich and harmonious, a lovely burst of fresh spring green. And with its subtle brown nuances, it blends beautifully with all kinds of wood tones.

Ilta Linen Duvet Cover Set

Grey 150x210+50x60 cm
119,00 €

Vaahtera Cushion Cover

White 45x45 cm
28,00 €

Pouta Linen Cushion Cover

Light Grey 45x45 cm
28,00 €

Kallio Mug

Grey 0,35 l
19,80 €

Kallio Bowl

Grey 0,5 l
15,80 €

Vaahtera Tray

White 38 cm
38,00 €

Bruno Bench

Light Brown 80x32x45 cm
135,00 €

Aukusti Rug

Grey 80x160 cm
125,00 €

Aura Table Lamp

White 56 cm
99,00 €

Kivi Jar

White 17x13 cm
38,00 €

Vaahtera Fabric

White Width 150 cm
28,00 €