Gifts for every mother

Soon it's time to celebrate moms! The second Sunday in May is dedicated to pampering mothers. Our assortment includes plenty of beautiful, high-quality products that are guaranteed to delight every mother. On this page, we’ve put together ideas for Mother’s Day to make gift selection easier.

Wrap up some lovely Finnish ceramics or candles

Give a new favorite mug as a gift

The high-quality ceramic items made in Posio are sure to delight everyone. High-quality ceramic products last time and, for example, a gift mug reminds in a nice way each day of the one who gave the gift!

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Beautiful candlelight for leisurely moments

In connection with the Pentik ceramics factory in Posio, there is also a candle workshop where a selection of candles is made by hand. A hand-made candle is a practical and beautiful gift that creates a warm atmosphere for all the small and big moments of life.

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A soft package is always appreciated

Offer some luxurious pampering

Give mom her own little spa moment! A soft and luxurious towel completes relaxing bathing moments. High-quality soap bars and moisturizing creams made of organic ingredients are a delight to enjoy daily, and there is always use for a small toiletry bag. Moms, if anyone, deserve a little pampering!

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Gift wrap some floral textiles instead of a bouquet

You can give Mother's Day flowers in the form of a floral textile to make them last longer! Our selection includes plenty of wonderful patterns and colors to choose from. For example, a beautiful cushion cover is a great decorating gift. 

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Give beauty to every day

A stylish vase is a joy to the eye

There is always a need for beautiful vases and it is wonderful to vary them according to the season. A fresh Mother's Day spring bouquet is a beautiful centerpiece in a suitable vase. Choose something small and cute or more sculptural!

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A gift package full of warm glow

Lanterns bring a warm atmosphere to home and also create lovely setting for outdoor spaces. In addition to different styles of lanterns, our selection also includes beautiful candle holders and tealight holders. A small decorative element is always a perfect gift! 

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Give gifts near and far