Aamurusko Cushion Cover
Aamurusko Cushion Cover

Aamurusko Cushion Cover

Pink 45x45 cm

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Aamurusko (Dawn) pattern by Lasse Kovanen is inspired by one of nature’s most picturesque scenes – the beginning of a brand new day. The soft waves, shapes and reflections in the Aamurusko pattern capture the soft lapping of waves in pink and blue, colours plucked straight out of Northern nature. Do you see glimmers of the pink sky reflected in the blue water? Or are they blue clouds that look like waves? However you see it, the Aamurusko pattern brings this special atmosphere to your home. The light pink Aamurusko cushion cover is made of cotton and 45x45 cm in size. It's perfect with Pentik's 48x48 cm inner cushion, which will make the cushion look full with no extra space in the corners.

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