Chili-Chocolate Coffee
Chili-Chocolate Coffee
Chili-Chocolate Coffee

Chili-Chocolate Coffee

200 g

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Chocolate-chili coffee surprises you with a spicy bite! This top-quality coffee crowns your delicious moments and makes a perfect gift. Made of Arabica coffee beans, our seasoned coffees are lactose- and sugarfree, non-alcoholic, and do not increase the calorie content of the coffee. Roasted by Mokkamestarit Oy in Finland. Ground coffee.


SKU: 1KAH8219CS1

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Food, 98-97% coffee, 3-2% flavourings, degree of roast 1 (1 = light, 5 = very dark), filter coffee, aromas do not include sugar, no artificial aromas, no incl. genetically modified organisms

200 g

1KAH8219CS1 Suklaa-chilikahvi
Suklaan ja chilin makuinen kahvi

Paahtoaste 1

1KAH8219CS1 Choklad-chili kaffe
Kaffe med choklad och chili smak

Rostingsgrad 1
Keep away from direct sunlight, not near heat sources, can be destroyed with mixed waste