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Kaamoskivi Candle Holder Six Branches
Kaamoskivi Candle Holder Six Branches
Kaamoskivi Candle Holder Six Branches
Kaamoskivi Candle Holder Six Branches

Kaamoskivi Candle Holder Six Branches

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The brutally beautiful Kaamoskivi.
The changing autumn colours in the birches and branches of the fells. Lichen creeping across the bare rocks. The rugged edges of glacial boulders. When Anu Pentik moved with her family to Posio in Lapland in the early 1970s, nature made a strong first impression. She wanted to capture it all in something tangible, to create something as raw and untamable as her new surroundings. And so Kaamoskivi was born. This autumn, we have launched a batch of legendary Kaamoskivi candleholders. Each hand-made in Posio, Lapland, in the same landscape where the product originated. Anu collected the sand she mixed with the clay to make the Kaamoskivi candle holders from the shores. Just like 50 years ago.

The blue Kaamoskivi candle holder has six branches, so it has space for six candles. We recommend using only the Kaamos candle designed for the product in the candle holder, as it has not been tested with other candles and therefore we cannot guarantee the safety of the product when burning other candles. As the product is handmade and therefore the holes for the candle are unique, in some cases the candle may need to be supported with a foil.

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16x16x16 cm

Indoor use only, Avoid fast temperature changes, Clean with a damp cloth, Dry after cleaning, Keep the information of the product, Keep burning candles out of the reach of children and pets, Do not move a burning candle, Burn candle on non-flammable underlay, Avoid flammable materials near candle, Do not drop foreign objects on candle, Never leave a burning candle unattended, Extinguish always by smothering, Remove stearin with warm water, In candle arrangements the safe distance between candles is notified in the candles safety information.
Anu Pentik