Oudoor Candle Bucket

Oudoor Candle Bucket

18x14 cm

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Add a lovely glow and warm ambiance outdoors with this handy outdoor candle in a metallic bucket. Only for outdoor use! Burn the outdoor candle only on heat-resistant surfaces. Burning time 50 hours.

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18x14 cm

Burn candle on non-flammable underlay, Do not drop foreign objects on candle, Cut wick to avoid smoking, Burning time app. 50 hours, For outdoor use only, Never leave a burning candle unattended, Keep a distance of min. 1 m beside and 3 m above things that can catch a fire, Keep away from children and pets, Candle gets lighter during burning, protect from strong wind by using a suitable holder, Do not use on a balcony or veranda, Keep candles at least 1 m apart, Do not burn in rain or snowfall, Place candles upright, Snuff out the flame. Do not blow it out, Do not move a burning candle. Never use a liquid to extinguish, Avoid direct inhalation of any smoke, Do not touch the candle, it may be hot, Weather conditions and season significantly influence the burning time and quality of outdoor candle (even 35 % less from specified burning time), In the bottom of the can is a layer of sand to prevent the can from getting too hot, It is compulsory to put on the lid that is enclosed, when you do not burn the outdoor candle