Black and white never goes out of style

Black and white never goes out of style

A fresh spring decor doesn’t always mean plenty of colours! Black and white interior textiles give home interior a beautiful, bright vibe. Our assortment includes great options for those who love the more simplified look and timeless black and white colours. Take your pick on our classic pattern Jäkälä or black and white Tundra, Vilja and Tokka.

Simply stylish black and white interior textiles bring a harmonious atmosphere to all spaces. The color scheme fits perfectly to Scandinavian style and is by no means dull - everyone can customize their very own look. Check out our tips!

1. Use black as an accent colour

The look of a light-toned home can be easily refreshed by adding black and white interior textiles. When black is just sprinkled here and there as an accent colour, it keeps the atmosphere light and fresh.

New cushion covers are the easiest and quickest way to update your home!

2. Add warmth

Warm, natural materials and elements balance the cool black and white appearance in a nice way. For example some wooden furniture, interior baskets made of natural materials and paper lamps create a cozy, inviting feel to overall atmosphere.

Baskets and other elements made of water hyacinth, like Ellen pot, add a naturally beautiful vibe and a nice contrast when combined to black and white interior textiles. 


3. Soften with shades of brown

Neutral, beige and brown shades work great with black and white, softening the look. A rug, blanket or cushion covers in light brown allow the darker patterns to pop up while keeping the decor sleek and modern. Dark browns add a more dramatic look and light brown a smooth, cozy look. 

4. Combine creatively

Feel free to combine black and white patterns with each other and bring in some all-white or light grey textiles to keep the mood mellow and calm. Tundra and Vilja are a surprising combination, complimenting each other. The atmosphere still stays harmonious when you add for example plain white textiles with them.

White and black lamps like Inari table lamp or Arki pendant lamp complement nicely the black and white interior textiles. 


5. Use fabrics in many ways

Our beautiful graphic black and white fabrics can be used imaginatively in interior design. As larger surfaces, such as curtains, they play a major role and refresh the atmosphere of the entire space. Fabrics can also be utilized as a smaller detail by sewing different kinds of table textiles or, for example, by making your own unique artwork by stretching the fabric into frames and hanging it up on the wall!

Framed fabric makes for an easy but eye-catching interior element! Just buy the right amount of fabric and a frame to go with it and attach the fabric to the picture mat with mounting tape or a stapler. Simplistic frames are usually best, allowing the fabric to stand out. Check out our nice wooden frames

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