I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it from the login page by clicking "Forgot password?" and entering your email address. 

My email address has changed. How do I change it on my account?
Please contact our customer service team at info@pentik.com.

From which countries can orders be made? 
You can order products from the Online Store to be delivered to the following countries:

Czech Republic

The Netherlands 

You can order Pentik products to countries that are not listed above through our Posio store. The items available for shipping abroad are those found in the Online Store. Please email your order to  posio@pentik.com citing the product codes and names indicated in the Online Store product information. The Posio store will contact you to confirm your order. Once you have confirmed the order, the store will send you an invoice including the product price, shipping costs and an invoicing charge of €10.00. The shipping costs are determined by the product weight and the size of the shipment. For more information about ordering products to another country, please contact either our customer service at info@pentik.com or our Posio store directly.

How are the orders delivered?
Depending on the delivery option you have chosen for delivery to address in Finland, your order will be delivered to a Posti or Matkahuolto pick-up point or to your home address. Orders to other countries are delivered to a pick-up point or to the recipient's home address. When placing an order, you will need to provide the recipient's telephone number and email address. A notice of arrival can only be sent electronically, either by text message or email.

Deliveries to mainland Finland
Collection from Posti or from Posti Parcel Point, Postal Parcel
Your order will be delivered to the Posti pick-up point of your choice from which you can pick it up after receiving a notice of arrival. You will receive a notice of arrival by text message or email when the parcel is available for collection. Parcels are held at Posti outlets and pick-up points for 14 days and at Posti Parcel Points for 7 days after the notice of arrival.

Collection from Matkahuolto pick-up-point
Orders will be delivered to Matkahuolto pick-up-point, from which you can pick them up after receiving a notice of arrival. You will receive a notice of arrival with sms or email when the parcel is available for collection. Parcels are held at Matkahuolto parcel lockers for 7 days after the notice of arrival and at the pick-up point for 14 days after which any uncollected parcels will be returned to Pentik Logistics Centre in Posio, Finland. 

Home delivery, Posti Parcel to the Doorstep
The recipient's telephone number is required when placing the order. Posti will call the recipient to agree on delivery to the address provided by the customer between 9 am and 9 pm. Home delivery is possible only to mainland Finland to addresses accessible by road.

DHL Express Finland Home Delivery 
Your parcel will be delivered within 1–3 working days of it leaving the Posio warehouse. Soon after pick-up you will receive an e-mail or text message from DHL with a tracking code and estimated delivery time. By clicking the link in the message, you can choose the best delivery option for you. Delivery can be made to original delivery address, to DHL Service Point or DHL Parcel Lockers, and you can also change the delivery address within the same country. Delivery fee is calculated based on order weight. Packaging weight is included in total weight.

Posti Express Freight - Home Delivery
Posti will deliver your order containing large freight products to the address you provided as a climate-friendly Posti Green shipment. In major cities, the shipment will be delivered to the recipient's address by 9 pm In other locations, shipments will be delivered by 4 pm and the driver will assist with pick-up. Posti will call and agree with you on the most suitable delivery time. Delivery includes unpacking from transport packaging and removal of packaging material as well as recycling. The home delivery service only applies to addresses in mainland Finland.

Deliveries to the European Union 
Orders are delivered either to a pick-up point by a courier or to the recipient's home address. The GLS parcel service is available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia , Spain and Sweden. These orders are delivered to the pick-up point (usually the nearest post office). The parcel will be held for 7 days, after which it will be returned to Pentik Logistics Centre in Posio, Finland.

How much is the postage and packing fee?
The postage and packing fees vary by country. The prices for each country are listed in the table below. Backorders are delivered free of charge. 

How many days does the delivery take?
The delivery times vary by country. The delivery times for each country are listed in the table below. In an exceptional situation in which an item cannot be delivered, we will notify the customer of the circumstances as soon as possible.

We deliver products to mainland Finland and to the EU countries listed below. Delivery times and prices vary by country. You can find the instructions for ordering products to countries not listed here below the table.

Country Delivery time
Austria 6-11 work days
Belgium 6-11 work days
Bulgaria 7-13 work days
Croatia 7-12 work days
Czech Republic 6-11 work days
Cyprus 7-13 work days
Denmark 4-9 work days
Estonia 3-8 work days
Finland 1-5 work days
France 6-11 work days
Germany 5-10 work days
Greece 7-13 work days
Hungary 5-11 work days
Ireland 6-12 work days
Italy 6-12 work days
Latvia 3-8 work days
Lithuania 4-9 work days
Luxembourg 6-11 work days
Malta 7-13 work days
Poland 6-11 work days
Portugal 7-12 work days
Romania 7-13 work days
Slovakia 6-11 work days
Slovenia 5-11 work days
Spain 6-12 work days
Sweden 4-10 work days
The Netherlands 6-11 work days

The delivery times may extend by up to 5 working days during sales and campaigns.

Free delivery to Finland (to a Posti or Matkahuolto pick-up point) for Online Store orders over €50.00 is offered for the members of Pentik’s loyalty program “Pentik Friends”. There is a charge for deliveries to the home address. For other EU countries, free shipment for orders over 200 euros.  Backorders are delivered free of charge.

How can I check the details of my order?
You will receive a receipt of the order by email. You can also check your order details in the My Orders section in your account. 

How can I track my order? 
You can track your order online. The confirmation email includes a link to the tracking page.

What payment options do I have?
You can pay by online banking, credit card, mobile pay or Collector Invoice/installment service.

What do I do if the product is defective?
If your order contains a defective product, please contact the Online Store customer service by email  webshop@pentik.com or telephone  +358 (0)16 3722 272.

Please have the order number at hand for a quick handling. You can find the order number on the delivery note enclosed in the parcel, in the email confirmation or in the My Orders section in My Account in the online service.

Can I return an item?

You have the right to return or exchange any products ordered from the Online Store within 30 days of the delivery. Please notice that fabrics sold by the metre are tailor-made products and cannot be exchanged or returned. All our fabrics are sold by the metre. Cosmetics and food products must be returned in their original packaging or in a sealed bag.

You will receive a pre-filled return form with your delivery. Fill in the return form and enclose it in the return shipment. If you return the complete order, we will refund the shipping costs to you. The returned products must be unused and in their original packaging.

You can return the parcel through Posti by attaching the return sticker to the parcel. Parcels delivered by Matkahuolto can be returned to a Matkahuolto service point. Please quote the return code 9522243 when returning an item.

DHL Express orders can be returned by dropping it off at a DHL service point or schedule a pickup.

You can Drop-Off your Return Order at a DHL Express Service Point

  • Find the nearest Service Point with http://locator.dhl.com
  • By entering your location, it will return the closest DHL branded Service Points

You can schedule a pickup online, using the return waybill

  • https://mydhl.express.dhl/
  • Select Location
  • Schedule a Pickup (I already have a shipping label attached to my package)
  • Enter the Return Waybill Number

If you need to return a parcel delivered outside Finland, please contact our customer service team at info@pentik.com. In most cases the order can be returned by asking the courier service to collect the parcel from the customer's home address or by dropping it to the courier service's pick-up point. Our customer service team can advise you of the return method according to the country of delivery.

Return address:

Pentik Oy /Webshop
Maaninkavaarantie 11
Email:  webshop@pentik.com


How do I get a campaign code?
Campaign codes are provided during campaigns and through our partners and newsletters, for example.

How do I use a campaign code?
Campaign codes are campaign-specific. To activate the discount, enter the code into the designated field when placing your order. The discount will be taken into consideration in the total amount of your order.


Can I buy all products on the Online Store? 
The Online Store sells most of the items in our selection of products, but there are some items that are not available for online shopping. For example, unique pieces of furniture and Pentik Studio's unique ceramics are only sold in our stores. Ceramics seconds are only available at Pentik Outlets. The selection of products and prices in the Online Store may be different from those in our stores.

Why have some products been discontinued?
We design new collections for the spring, summer, autumn and Christmas seasons and a more limited collection for Easter. In addition to the seasonal collections, we also offer an extensive basic collection of products. This means that our product range is constantly updated.

The seasonal products are sold during the relevant season, and when we renew our basic collections, we discontinue the production of some items. The selection of products in the Online Store may be different from those in our stores.

Are Pentik Studio's ceramic products suitable for food? 
All our ceramic dishes are suitable for food, and they can be used in electric, baking and microwave ovens, and they are dishwasher safe.

Can the ceramic products be used in an oven/dishwasher/freezer? 
All our ceramic dishes are suitable for food, and they can be used in electric, baking and microwave ovens, and they are dishwasher safe. They can also be placed in a freezer.

Where are Pentik’s ceramic tableware made?
All Pentik’s ceramic tableware that are being produced at the moment are made at our ceramics factory in Posio, Finland.

How to repair the horns of Pentik’s silver-plated reindeer

If your silver-plated reindeer breaks its horn, we recommend having it repaired by a goldsmith or a smith specialized in small metal works. As the reindeer is made of silver-plated brass, we want to note that some silver plating may wear off from the horn during the repair.

  • A hole is drilled both in the horn and in the reindeer, and they are connected with a tap for withstanding the load.
  • The parts are soldered together.
  • Finally the solder point is ground and the seams are cleaned.
  • The eyes are put back in their place.
Pentik Oy takes no responsibility for the costs and results of the repair, neither for any mistakes during the repair.

How to clean your silver-plated reindeer

Pentik’s reindeer is made of silver-plated brass and its surface is treated with lacquer. As time goes by, the surface of the reindeer will patinate, which is typical of silver. We do not recommend using silver polish since there is no guarantee of the outcome and how the polish will behave. You should rather let the reindeer patinate over time.

If you wish, you can try to clean your reindeer with silver dusters. Based upon our experience, Hagerty’s silver dusters are good for gentle polishing of the reindeers. Ask for these dusters at you local jeweller’s. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee any success: you clean the reindeer at your own risk.

Can I buy fabrics from the Online Store?
The Online Store sells fabrics by the metre. They are tailor-made products and cannot be exchanged or returned. Some fabrics are only available in our stores.

Pentik Friends

I lost my Pentik Friends membership card. Can I get another one?
Pentik Friends uses a mobile card and plastic card.

The mobile card can be uploaded on our website. Login with your user ID and find the number of your Pentik Friends card under “Summary” by clicking on “Your Pentik Friends Card”. A new page with an uploadable mobile card will open up.

If your phone is an iPhone, press Share icon in the browser. Choose “Add to Home Menu”, and Pentik Friends card will be saved in your phone.
If you are using Android, press Settings icon in the browser. Choose “Attach to Home Screen” or “Add Hotkey”. Pentik Friends card will be saved in your phone.

Should you wish to have a plastic Pentik Friends card, send your current address to our customer service info@pentik.com. Normally it takes approx. one month with the delivery.