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Best gifts for the spring celebrations
There are many reasons to celebrate in spring and summer. Traditionally spring is the time to celebrate graduates who are ending their studies. It's also the time to remember the teachers and caregivers of the youngest in the family before heading out to summer vacation. During summer many weddings may take place. On this page you will find our gift favorites for these important moments.

Most memorable graduation gifts

The biggest heroes of the spring festive season are those who are finishing their studies. The best graduation gift is timeless and durable, to bring joy for many years to come. High-quality items for everyday use delight at the start of a new phase of life. Thoughtfully selected gift will be a wonderful reminder of the important graduation day.

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Thank you gifts for teachers and daycare nurses

As the spring season of schools and kindergartens comes to an end, it’s time to thank children's teachers and caregivers. Small gestures play a big role and the thought behind is what counts the most. Small gifts to show gratitude will surely be appreciated at the end of a long school year.

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Most beautiful wedding gifts

Give as a wedding gift something practical and beautiful for the many years to come. Stylish products for everyday use always come in handy and are appreciated as gifts. Choose a gift for the wedding couple that reminds them of the important wedding day in all future moments together.

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Beloved classic gifts

Our beloved classics last time and are valued from year to year. The inspiration of northern nature can be seen in many of our classics, such as the silvered reindeers and Finnish ceramics. Beautiful textiles and interior items are also naturally a part of our classic assortment and make for great gifts.

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