Sustainable beauty

For us, sustainability means caring for the environment and people, as well as taking responsibility for our products and supply chains. As a family business, we want to offer beautiful, high-quality and safe products that last from one generation to the next. When it comes to sustainability, the work is continuous development and learning.

It all started in Posio

Our story began with clay and one woman’s dream. Already in the early days of the company, the founder of the family business, Anu Pentik, had a strong desire to create jobs in arts and crafts. What started as a hobby grew into a business due to increasing demand and the world's northernmost ceramics factory was established in Posio, near the Arctic Circle.

Today, our ceramics factory manufactures 300 000 items a year and employs 30 people. We emphasize environmentally friendly methods in all our operations. Firing of ceramics causes waste heat, which is utilized in heating up properties and domestic water. If pottery breaks down during incineration, it is given a new life through recycled works of art. All our ceramic products and candles manufactured at our own candle factory have the Key Flag and Design from Finland symbols indicating the origin.

Besides ceramics, we are known for our wide variety of textiles. Our textile collections and seasonal patterns are designed in Finland by our own designers and manufactured mainly in the Baltics by our long-term partners. In addition to shades, materials and shapes inspired by northern nature, our assortment includes bright colors and influences of Asia. Our products are mainly manufactured in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. Part of the assortment is purchased from our partners in Asia. 

At the heart of our value-based culture are courage and humility. We are the largest private employer in Posio and in total we employ about 250 people in Finland. We strive to be the best possible employer and a reliable partner for all our stakeholders. 

Our story started 50 years ago and the importance of sustainability in our daily operations has become increasingly important during the years.

A warm welcome to join us in following our sustainable journey!

Riikka Wulff

Responsibility for products and supply chain

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Responsibility for people

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