Festive table setting for spring celebrations

Festive table setting for spring celebrations

Festive summer season is full of wonderful, special celebrations. The biggest heroes of spring are students finishing their studies, and in addition to graduations, the festive season includes confirmation parties, summer weddings and other get-togethers. We've put together some tips for fresh, glowing table setting for all the festive moments of spring and summer.

Beautiful textiles create a festive base for table setting

Select a textile pattern suitable for the season as a base for the table setting. Depending on the occasion, choose something calm and light, flashy and colourful, stylishly graphic or richly floral. You can add the festive vibe by combining a patterned runner on top of a monochrome tablecloth along the length of the table. Most of our series include ready-made tablecloths and runners, but cotton and linen fabrics and coated fabrics can also be used to sew suitably sized table textiles. Acrylic coated textiles are handy for table settings as they repel dirt and are easy to wipe clean. Linen fabrics, on the other hand, have their own gracious look, as do linen napkins which are the perfect choice for any celebration.  

Lively atmosphere with flowers and vase arrangements

Decorating for a summer party requires nothing more than beautiful vases with fresh flowers! A single sculptural vase serves as a wonderful centerpiece on the table, but vases can also be used in various arrangements. Combine two or three vases of different heights with natural flowers, or arrange several vases of different shapes and line them down the middle of the table. 

The stunning Lohkare vase catches the eye. Fonte vases in several shapes and colours are perfect for creative floral arrangements. 

Freedom to combine dishes

Select the tableware for summer parties according to the occasion. For more relaxed festivities use imagination when selecting the dishes. For bigger parties there might not be enough dishes from the same series, so individual plates and bowls can be combined personally, matching the shades of the table setting. In more formal and festive occasions, timeless white dishes, such as Valkea or Anis, always work well and are easy to combine with all kinds of table textiles and serving dishes. Combining different glasses for wine or sparkling drinks also gives a relaxed vibe to any party.

The delicate shades of Kallio series easily combine with each other or other tableware. These timeless dishes with a lively surface and uneven shapes work as well in celebrations as in everyday use.

Serve in style

Choose serving bowls and plates in a variety of shapes and materials to add a nice twist and a stylish edge to serving. For example, ceramic Kuksa bowl, angular Arkki serving bowl and wooden serving trays are beautiful details in serving. The hand-decorated serving plates and bowls in the Pentik Studio collection are the absolute eye-catchers of the party table. Dessert like mousse or layered no-bake cake can be served from a beautiful cocktail glass or drinking glass instead of a bowl for a more impressive look. Our ceramic tableware can be used in the oven, so they can also be used to serve dishes straight from the oven.

Arkki serving bowl suits for salads, desserts and oven dishes, bringing a stylish, edgy look to the table. A ceramic version of the traditional wooden Kuksa bowl delights with its unique shape and is great for serving soups, salads, bread, desserts and small treats.