Let your home bloom

Let your home bloom

Decorating with flowers is an easy, fast and inexpensive way to add an instant pop of colour and energy to your home! Often flowers are bought only for special occasions and celebrations, but it's wonderful to brighten up the atmosphere with a lovely fresh bouquet for no other reason, bringing joy and a lively look to every day. In addition to flowers, fresh herbs are an easy way to bring fresh green energy home. A small herb garden on a sunny kitchen window brings a vibrant look and a delicious scent home. We've rounded up some tips in making the most of your greenery and decorating with flowers.
The striking Arkki vase, manufactured at our ceramics factory in Posio, Finland, has a gorgeous geometrical shape. It comes to life beautifully with a rich, full, colourful bouquet of spring flowers!

The right vase for the right flowers

A combination of flowers and a perfectly matching vase to go with them will lift your interior instantly. To make your flower arrangement really stand out, select a suitable vase for different flower types. If the vase is too big and wide, flowers will not stand up nicely and if it's too small, they are cramped too tight. So it's good to have at least a couple of different types of vases at home to suit bigger bouquets and smaller, single flowers. When the flowers are beginning to wilt, you can cut them shorter and place them in a smaller vase. Bigger bouquets can also be spread into smaller vases if you don't have a big enough vase - this way you can spread the beauty from one bouquet to many different spaces!

The cute Fonte vases are available in different colours, sizes and shapes, suitable for many kinds of flower arrangements.

Floral splendor, no matter the space  

Be playful and imaginative when bringing fresh flowers home - they delight the eye in all spaces, not only in the living room or on the kitchen table! Place your floral displays in the bathroom, on a sideboard or a shelf, on your work desk, on top of a stool in the hallway, on a bedside table or on the floor spaces. Vases and flowers are also a nice detail on windowsills, but avoid direct sunlight so the flowers don't dry out. 

Besides flowers, you can also add light greenery, leaves or natural branches in vases, adding a more natural, calm vibe to your interior.

Pick your style

Make flowers a part of your home decor in your own style. Especially in a neutral, light interior, flowers easily add vibrancy and will act as the centerpiece in any space. In a more colorful interior, flowers complement the colour scheme of your home and add a sense of richness and comfort. Vases and flowers of different sizes can also be combined into small personal arrangements.
If you feel that less is more, simply go with a slender, narrow vase with a single flower, a green branch or for example some eucalyptus leaves to add just a simple, small detail. For a more lush and relaxed vibe, go for a large, colourful flower bush, a big pile of bright spring tulips or wild flowers plucked from your backyard or nearby outdoor space! 
Go wild with flowers and combine your own green, colourful oasis! The stylish Arkki collection gets new additions this spring, including two small vases perfect for a single flower. 

Green energy with your own her garden

In addition to flowers, fresh herbs are an easy way to bring green energy and irresistible scents to your home. Create your own kitchen garden by planting herbs and salads into beautiful jars, like the round-shaped Elo jars and more rugged, lively Kivi jars. Store-bought small herbs can also be placed in mugs or small jars without the need of planting them in new pots! Make sure your kitchen garden gets enough light either on a sunny windowsill or placed beneath a plant grow light. Enjoy the fresh, delicious scents and green beauty in your own kitchen!

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