Natural beauty of Kajo

Natural beauty of Kajo

Kajo (First Light) was created in exceptional moment in time. Anu Pentik’s natural instinct was to think about what people needed now more than ever. And so a tableware collection full of warmth and affection was born – dishes you want to touch and hold close.

For Anu, nature was an especially powerful source of inspiration, which she interpreted into soft, round, organic shapes and a velvety-soft matte glaze that you naturally want to feel. As Anu says, each piece in the collection feels like bringing a piece of nature home.

Kajo is an exceptional collection for exceptional times 

The collection’s main colour is bone white, with hints of warm natural brown. And because each piece is hand-finished, the Kajo collection’s mugs, plates and bowls are all unique.

Simply beautiful combination

Kajo is stunning even on its own, but it also looks great combined with earthy tones and natural materials. Brown Vilja pattern, designed by Minna Niskakangas, fits perfectly together with Kajo. Wooden serving platters and utensils are a lovely addition to a naturally beautiful table setting. Enjoy the simplified, rugged beauty.

View the beautifully graphic Vilja collection and the wooden Oras collection.

Kajo collection