Pure beauty in ceramics

Pure beauty in ceramics

Among the astonishing nature sustainable beauty is born. All the ceramic pieces of Pentik are made in our own, northernmost ceramic factory in the world, close to the Arctic Circle in Posio, Finland. The path from an idea to a finished product travels through several pairs of hands. Each working phase polished through decades of activities is essential. Our ceramics are life-long partners that you want to keep close and make a part of daily life and special occasions.

Beauty for each moment

Set a beautiful table with everlasting ceramics. Our high-quality, beautifully shaped tableware is made to be used, bringing joy and style to each day. From breakfasts to casual dinners, coffee breaks or festive occasions, your favorite dishes go with you at all times. When a single plate or bowl is usually enough for everyday meals, a more festive look is built by adding, for example, textile napkins, a bread plate and a charger plate as a base for the dinnerware. Colourful and patterned table textiles bring their addition to the atmosphere. Single-coloured tableware easily gets a new look when combined with dishes in the same color scheme. You have the freedom to choose!

Be inspired, combine, fall in love 

When choosing tableware, it is worth considering practicality, combinability and versatility. This way you can cut everything extra out of the kitchen. All of our ceramic dishes can be used in the oven, so for example bowls and serving bowls also work well for making oven dishes, and beautiful bowls can be served immediately from the oven. The use of different shapes gives a unique look to the table setting, so feel free to combine different tableware series with each other and round shapes with angular ones. 

View Arkki serving bowl and Valkea bowl

Tip! Ceramic items can also be used imaginatively for anything other than table setting - small pots, cups or bowls are perfect for placing your keys and other small objects or for storing jewelry or cotton balls in the bathroom.

Beloved classics

Kallio and Kivi are our classic tableware series, loved by many. Their charming inaccuracy in the design language signals that the manufacturing process requires human hands and attention.

Kallio series embodies human touch and the different stages of ceramics manufacturing. The three different colour schemes – pure white, delicate pink and sophisticated grey – make it easy to play around and combine the pieces with each other as well as with other series. The characteristic lines of Kallio come from the mould engravings, which are duplicated beautifully on the surface. 

The everlasting Kivi has established itself for both ordinary and special occasions. With its dark tones, Kivi brings sturdiness and sincerity to the table setting. The dark glaze and delicate pattern is painted by hand on each piece. Kivi is perfectly combined with, for example, Kallio, thanks to their similar expression.

A sure gift choice

High-quality ceramics are always a sure gift idea, for example, to celebrate a new home or a wedding. A single beautiful ceramic product, such as a mug or a bowl, is also perfect as a small gift. Our selection also includes an impressive tableware set with two mugs, two bowls and two plates. In our web store we have ready-made sets available of Kallio, Kivi and Kajo. In our stores you can assemble the set from several tableware series. The set serves as a convenient starter kit for collecting the series, which means that the gift will be easy to complete in the years to come.

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