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Cozy and delicious

When seasons change, it's also nice to update home interior accordingly, bringing the feeling of the season indoors as well. What better choice for creating a cozy fall atmosphere than the richly luxurious Luumu (Plum), designed by Lasse Kovanen. Luumu coated placemat is easy to keep clean and protects the dinner table, adding warmth and coziness to every meal. Combine Luumu for example with the brilliantly harmonious grey Kallio.

Luumu Coated Placemat

Green 35x45 cm
10,14 €

Kallio Soup Plate

Grey 20 cm 0,95 l
23,90 €

Luumu Tray

Green 38 cm
27,54 €

Kallio Bowl

Grey 0,5 l
19,90 €

Luumu Potholder

Green 21x21 cm
8,34 €

Kallio Serving Bowl

Grey 27x7 cm 2,5 l
34,93 €