Inspired by nature.
Made by northern people.

The Tuntu (Feel) ceramics series is full of northern feeling. A feeling conveyed by the people who made the products. A feeling that we are part of nature and a feeling that we want to pass on from generation to generation. Made in the middle of a northern forest, the products are designed first and foremost to meet the need for sustainable preservation and to be part of enjoyable dining moments. To feel good in the hand and to transmit joy, comfort and strength to their owner - just like nature. To withstand the wild storms of everyday life, year after year. One generation at a time. Combine products with your existing range, collect individually or as a set. Use in the bathroom, interior or kitchen. Heat, freeze, store. Whatever feels good.

We feel that we want to live far north.

We Northerners value our own peace, space to breathe and the possibility to be quiet when we want to be. The peace and the deep silence of nature. Surprising nature, to whose rhythm you have to adapt.
We strongly believe that meaning in life comes from a deep connection with nature, the space to do things your way, and working hard for your dreams. From these, and Anu Pentik's passion for art, a company called Pentik was born, for which coincidence chose northern Posio as the location more than 50 years ago. The north is still our home, as it is home to our ceramics factory and much more. Because we feel that this is how it should be. Now and in the future.
meet the designer

Tuuli Saarelainen

The Tuntu ceramics collection was designed not only for beauty, but also for functionality, versatility and to feel good in the hand. With stunning colours and interesting glazes, the products in the series capture the changing seasons of the North and the colour spectrum of nature. The versatility of the range makes it suitable for all types of homes.
The feel of northern nature.

Feels like a lot of work?

A feeling of everyday life.

It feels functional.

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