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Cute moments

Little toddler's room is filled with cute atmosphere when decorated with gentle shades and pretty objects. Less is more - keep it simple with just the essentials and have enough storage space to store all little things and toys. Shelves and wall racks are easy storage solutions. The high-quality, sympathetic Pingviini (Penguin) bedclothes are cute and feel comfortable - it's the perfect pick for your little one and also as a gift! The knitted penguin toy ensures good night's sleep.

Pingviini Duvet Cover Set

Black 85x125 cm + 36x46 cm
48,00 €

Pingviini Blanket

Black 65x90 cm
44,00 €

Pingviini Knitted Toy

Black 23 cm
28,50 €

Bruno Bench

Light Brown 80x32x45 cm
135,00 €

Pingviini Mug

Multicolour 0,2 l
22,80 €

Pingviini Soup Plate

Multicolour 18 cm
25,80 €

Nata Basket Set

Grey 3 pcs
84,00 €

Mai Shelf

White 52x18x45 cm
49,00 €
25,00 €

Halipupu Hug Bunny

Pink 39 cm
26,00 €

Vekki Photoframe

White 25x30 cm photos 1/13x18 cm, 1/20x25 cm
25,00 €