Shop The Look: Earthy and bright

Earthy and bright

You can easily add warm details to a light and modern kitchen with stylish Vilja textiles and kitchen accessories. Vilja's graphic design language is perfectly suited to even a more simplistic home decor. Wooden kitchen utensils and herbs or other green plants in fresh white vases complete this bright, natural look. No other colour is needed!

Vilja Tray

Brown 38 cm
45,90 €

Kajo Mug

White 0,5 l
34,90 €

Kajo Bowl

White 0,5 l
29,00 €

Vilja Kitchen Towel

Brown 47x70 cm
17,90 €

Oras Salad Servers

Light Brown 8x29 cm
19,90 €

Elo Jar

White 14x11 cm
35,90 €

Vilja Oven Mitt

Brown 16x31 cm
21,90 €