Shop The Look: Enjoy the most beautiful blooms of spring

Enjoy the most beautiful blooms of spring

Combine glass vases into a casual arrangement on the terrace and fill them with fresh flowers and green branches! In the dark Demo vases, flowers are presented beautifully, filling the space with their splendor of colors and charming scent. Be creative and combine vases in different sizes and shapes to create the perfect combination.

Lähde Glass Vase

Clear 10x10 cm
10,00 €

Fonte Glass Vase

Clear 9x15 cm
32,00 €

Demo Glass Vase

Grey 20x30 cm
45,00 €

Lähde Glass Vase

Clear 13x23 cm
15,00 €

Arkki Vase

White 12x29 cm
59,00 €

Mette Basket Set Oval

Light Brown 5 Pcs 20x8 - 40x30x20 cm
94,00 €