Shop The Look: Get ready to fall asleep

Get ready to fall asleep

The lovely ochre-coloured Grain (Vilja) pattern is inspired by ripe grain fields calmly swaying in the autumn breeze. This is a familiar site in the Nordic countryside and we can’t wait to share it with you. The relaxing ochre pairs perfectly with linen hues and with our luxurious grey cotton satin bed sheet Harmony (Harmonia). 

Vilja Cushion Cover

Brown 45x45 cm
35,00 €

Vilja Blanket

Brown 130x170 cm
125,00 €

Harmonia Bed Sheet Single

Grey 150x270 cm
19,90 €

Vekki Vase

White 8x23 cm
49,00 €

Vilja Duvet Cover Set

Brown 150x210+50x60 cm
89,00 €

Soolo Linen Cushion Cover

Light Brown 45x45 cm
35,00 €

Vekki Jar

White 17x13 cm
45,00 €