Shop The Look: Go with the Grain

Go with the Grain

The Grain (Vilja) pattern is inspired by ripe grain fields swaying gently in the autumn breeze. You can almost feel the calm of the sun peeking through the fluffy white clouds as they pass overhead. Aaah, everything in this kitchen is just as it should be.

Vilja Mug

Brown 0,35 l
24,80 €

Kallio Soup Plate

White 20 cm 0,95 l
19,80 €

Vilja Kitchen Towel

Brown 47x70 cm
14,50 €

Kallio Mug

White 0,35 l
19,80 €

Vilja Servering Board

Brown 30x20 cm
26,00 €

Kallio Serving Bowl

White 1,8 l
32,00 €

Oras Serving Board

Light Brown 33 cm
27,50 €

Oras Cutting Board

Light Brown 34x19 cm
19,50 €

Elo Jar

White 19x16 cm
45,00 €

Kallio Bowl

White 13x6 cm
19,80 €