Shop The Look: Happy times with the penguins

Happy times with the penguins

Kid's room gets a lovely fresh and fun look with the Pingviini (Penguin) collection. The neutral black and white pattern is perfect even for a minimalistic children's room and is easy to combine with other products. What’s more fun than slipping into these cheerful sheets at the end of a playful day - and instead of counting sheep, counting the cute penguins to help you fall asleep!

Pingviini Duvet Cover Set

Black 120x160 cm + 40x60 cm
62,00 €

Pingviini Knitted Toy

Black 23 cm
32,00 €

Pingviini Blanket

Black 65x90 cm
49,00 €

Pingviini Hooded Towel

Black 73x73 cm
39,00 €

Pingviini Mug

Multicolour 0,2 l
25,00 €

Halipupu Hug Bunny

Cream 29 cm
24,00 €

Halipupu Hug Bunny

Cream 39 cm
29,00 €