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Have luxurious dreams

Our luxuriously soft Evening (Ilta) sheets are a calming and relaxing addition to any bedroom. And they go just beautifully with our pale pink pillows and blankets. Top the whole look off with our white Inari lamp and you won’t want to ever leave the bedroom.  

Inari Pendant Light

White 22x28 cm
129,00 €

Ilta Linen Duvet Cover Set

Grey 150x210+50x60 cm
139,00 €

Rosa Blanket

Pink 130x170 cm
135,00 €
20,00 €

Fonte Glass Vase

Clear 9x15 cm
28,00 €

Valkea Coffee Cup

White 0,25 l
15,80 €

Kallio Plate

White 11 cm
9,50 €

Bruno Stool

Light Brown 40x30x45 cm
139,00 €