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Kids' own kingdom

When it comes to children’s room, the only limit is imagination! A fun teepee tent made of Metsänväki fabric invites you to play and be adventurous! It also offers a nice quiet spot for reading or calming down. Almost like hiding out in the forest! Add a variety of baskets to keep toys, books, and other small items in order.

Elmo Fox Knitted Toy

Orange 28 cm
34,90 €
34,90 €

Metsänväki Cushion Cover

Multicolour 45x45 cm
35,90 €

Metsänväki Duvet Cover Set

Multicolour 120x160 cm + 40x60 cm
65,90 €
16,90 €

Metsänväki Cotton Fabric

Multicolour Width 150 cm
39,90 €