Shop The Look: Strongly soft, softly strong

Strongly soft, softly strong

If you’re looking to create a trendy kitchen that really works, our Pastel (Pastelli) collection is for you. The black details add a touch of edge to Pastel’s soft look and feel. Pair Pastel with pieces from our dark and minimalist Rock (Kivi) collection and other treasures made in the northernmost ceramic factory in the world.

Pastelli Runner

Pink 40x140 cm
20,00 €

Kivi Mug

Dark grey 0,3 l
24,80 €

Kivi Bowl

Dark Grey 0,5 l
21,80 €

Pastelli Mug

Grey 0,3 l
24,80 €

Kivi Butter Case

Black 11,5x16,5 cm
32,00 €

Pastelli Tray

Pink 41 cm
36,00 €

Kivi Jar

Black 15 cm 1,5 l
35,00 €

Pastelli Kitchen Towel

Pink 47x70 cm
14,50 €
29,00 €
29,00 €