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Nordic roots

The simple and stylish Grain (Vilja) pattern is modern yet traditional, creating a relaxing, down-to-earth atmosphere to your home. Inspired by the season’s first harvest, Grain is perfect for Scandinavian style. Neutral by nature, Grain pairs perfectly with light colours as well as natural materials like wood.

Vilja Mug

Brown 0,35 l
24,80 €

Vilja Kitchen Towel

Brown 47x70 cm
14,50 €

Vilja Servering Board

Brown 30x20 cm
26,00 €

Oras Cutting Board

Light Brown 41x22 cm
26,50 €

Kallio Oven Dish

White 27x7 cm 2,5 l
39,80 €

Elo Jar

White 14x11 cm
29,00 €

Kallio Serving Bowl

White 1,8 l
32,00 €

Oras Serving Board

Light Brown 33 cm
27,50 €

Elo Jar

White 19x16 cm
45,00 €