Shop The Look: Pretty details set the mood

Pretty details set the mood

It's easy to keep the kitchen tidy and serene when everything has its own place. Small pots, jars, spices, cutting boards or herbs bring life to the kitchen when stored on the tabletop and serve as nice details in the kitchen interior. The wooden Oras trays serve as convenient places to store small bowls, vases or spice grinders. The elegant, round-shaped Elo jars are multipurpose dishes suitable for herbs and other plants, as well as for storing dry goods with the help of the cute wooden lid. Our fabrics make for great curtains and other interior textiles!

Kallio Bowl

White 0,5 l
19,90 €

Oras Serving Board

Light Brown 17x26 cm
19,90 €

Elo Jar

White 14x11 cm
35,90 €

Elo Lid

Light Brown 13x5 cm
12,90 €

Elo Jar

White 19x16 cm
55,90 €

Elo Lid

Light Brown 18x7 cm
20,90 €

Helene Cotton Fabric

Multicolour Width 150 cm
25,00 €